We’re excited about the opportunity to work with you!

Between Peartree Office and AIS, we are confident we can make your facility, your organization and your team look good and work even better. At our foundation, we are a leading manufacturer with the highest quality products, proactive services, and pencil-sharp pricing that can’t be beat.

AIS & Peartree work
closely together to create
inspired, well-designed spaces.

How can you be sure you’re in the right hands? Our experienced team utilizes the industry’s most advanced tools and software. We also believe listening to our clients is key to a project’s success. Our team of designers, space planners, project managers and project coordinators make a point of understanding your needs and keeping you informed, from concept to install. In the end, the only  surprise is how smoothly the process goes.

Our manufacturing processes and proactive services are among the best in the industry, which means little or no impact on the environment. And because timing and budget are important to you, our turnaround is efficient and our solutions are highly affordable.

for every

From flexible, power-friendly open plan or benching workspaces to sophisticated private offices, our high-performing AIS systems, casegoods, tables and seating solutions reflect the widest range of aesthetics and support any workstyle. Even better, our innovative manufacturing processes ensure quick delivery and attractive pricing.

Whether you’re a two-person firm or a global enterprise, AIS and our broad dealer network are ready to help you create work environments that best support your people and their unique needs.

Whatever it is,
WE’re on it.™

The value we bring goes far beyond beautiful solutions. Customers of all sizes and from a wide range of industries have selected AIS for their interiors because they know we deliver on all fronts with unmistakable passion and commitment.

Our near perfect on time delivery record continues year after year because keeping our promises to you is something everyone at AIS & Peartree Office take seriously.

Our Services Include:

  • Design and Planning
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Project Management
  • Reconfiguration Services
  • Furniture Maintenance
  • Furniture Refurbishment
  • Furniture Removal and Repurposing
  • Inventory and Inventory Control
  • Technology Support
  • Storage

Lightning-fast lead times

We manufacture and ship within 20 business days of receiving your order from Peartree Office. Nothing could be faster.

Safety stash

Let’s expect the unexpected. To anticipate issues, we’ll provide an inventory of four workstations for you to use—on us. No one thinks ahead better than AIS.

Price lockdown

Knowing that great value and smart planning are important to you, we’ll hold our 2021 list pricing through December 31, 2021. After that, let’s talk.

Lasting discount

Our current discount is effective through installation. Think of it as a value proposition redefined by a contract and a handshake.

Yearly spaces tune up

For the first two years of occupancy, AIS and Peartree Office will assess any furniture items requiring adjustment. We’ll review your interior spaces to ensure everything is operating as it should. From there, we’ll offer recommendations and updates.

Expert oversight

An AIS field service engineer will be on site to oversee product installation at no added cost. After all, smooth installations are the beginning and not the end for clients. We’ll help get you in and settled so you can focus on your business and not your furniture.

Post-occupancy double punch

In partnership with Peartree Office and in addition to standard post-installation punch lists, AIS will provide an additional free 90-day post-occupancy punch list in which we determine move/occupancy process product adjustments.



We’re also earning some impressive industry recognition. Made up of more than 500 U.S. dealers, the Office Furniture Dealer Alliance (OFDA) named AIS the Non-Aligned Manufacturer of the Year for eight years running. Simply put, they think we’re the best.

If AIS and Peartree Office sound like a good fit, let’s connect face to face. Join us at our corporate headquarters in Leominster, Massachusetts, and we can share the many advantages of working together.