Office Furniture 101: Chairs


Buying office chairs can be a daunting task.  There is a vast selection available in multiple styles, functions, colors, comfort levels, price ranges and available adjustments.  This lesson will start with the basic types of chairs available for a business setting.

Reception Chairs

Reception chairs are typically comfortable chairs for waiting rooms or reception lobbies.  Arms offer comfort and assistance in lifting yourself from sitting to a standing position.   Considerations should be:   coordinating colors with the room environment and choosing an appropriate fabric for the location.  High traffic areas like medical offices  would do well with leather, vinyl, or fabric that can easily be cleaned or wiped down.  If you have a location with many elder patrons you should consider arm rests to offer support when standing or sitting.

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are comfortable chairs either mobile or stationary that offer a resting and relaxing spot for a few minutes or a few hours.  Comfortable club chairs are a great solution for this application.

Meeting Chairs

Meeting chair  options can include:  wheels or no wheels, arms or no arms, nesting or stacking chairs.   In rooms that serve multiple functions, stacking chairs will free up floor space for the next event.

Conference Chairs

Conference chairs are meant to gather around a conference table and offer comfort for meetings that will take place there.  Conference chairs often have fewer adjustments than desk or task chairs.  Leather or mesh back chairs are the most common choices.

Desk Chairs

Desk chairs can also be called task chairs and can be simple wheeled adjustable height chairs or ergonomic sophisticated models with more adjustments than you can imagine.  When searching for a good desk chair be sure to spend some time sitting and trying out all the features.  At Peartree Office Furniture we have hundreds of office chairs on display in our showroom, giving you the opportunity to sit and try the styles you are interested in. Choosing a chair without sitting in it is like buying a pair of shoes without trying them on.  Everyone has different needs and body shapes.

Adjustments can include:  pneumatic height adjustments, arms that adjust up/down, in/out, arm rests that adjust side- to- side and forward /backward, tilting and locking back rests, back rests that slide up and down, lumbar support that adjusts up and down, seats that tilt forward or tilt backward, seat depth adjustments, synchronized tilt controls, and even heating and cooling elements for the ultimate in climate control.  When visiting our showroom, we will take the time to point out available features and benefits of all our chairs.

Executive Chairs

Executive chairs can be big cushy leather chairs with fewer features or ergonomic chairs with all the bells and whistles.

Side Chairs

Side chairs  are also called guest chairs and are typically found in private offices as a place for a visitor to be seated for a meeting or brief stay.  Sometimes side chairs can be used around smaller conference or meeting tables.


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