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About Peartree

Peartree Office Furniture is a small company that is big on personal attention, high quality merchandise and exceptional service. A visit to Peartree’s showroom is a pleasant experience. You’ll notice a wide selection of used and new office furniture, a friendly, low-key sales approach and great prices.

Our History

Peartree was founded by owner Marc Poirier in 1994. Marc began the company at a time when he had 25 years experience in the industry. He had a vision for a different type of company. Marc decided to focus primarily on high quality used office furniture. His concept was that re-selling furniture is a form of recycling. He aimed to “recycle” pieces of high value and desirability in a way that no one else had. Add to the mix an atmosphere where customers receive personal attention and recognize that their business goals are Peartree’s priority, and the vision was complete. Hundreds of satisfied customers later, this vision has been realized. Marc has created a unique niche business. Peartree offers the attention and service of a new furniture dealership, with the pricing and mill-building location of a used furniture re-seller. Peartree’s rapid growth is solely due to personal referrals. Peartree treats its customers well and the customers are spreading the word to friends and associates.
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The Peartree Difference

Peartree has an ongoing working relationship with the architectural and design community. Our clients include small start-ups, attorneys, telecommunications companies, software development companies, government contractors, architects, and designers to name a few.

Peartree believes that the difference is in the details. We believe that small details make a big difference in product, service, and customer satisfaction!

Our staff has knowledge and experience in the business
Quality of merchandise…exceptional detail is given to product preparation before each piece leaves the shop
GIZA design/layout services are offered
Our showroom is attractive, well-lit, and laid out in an organized fashion
The bottom line…Save 50-80% on office furniture

Corporate Liquidations

When larger quantities of furniture and equipment are involved, rest assured that Peartree has the expertise to manage your project smoothly.

Space Planning Services

Difficult space configurations? Let our GIZA space planning software help you design and lay out your space. To the left is a custom created and notched modular desking system, modified by Peartree Office Furniture

Office Furniture Rental Services

We understand that sometimes companies need furniture only on a temporary basis. Whether it’s 10 training tables and chairs for a week, 15 cubicles for a six month period, or a temporary sales office that will only be open for three months, Peartree Office Furniture has done it. We rent the same high quality office furniture that we offer for sale. All items are delivered, set up for you and then picked up when you are finished with them. How can we help you? Call Marc for a quick quote for your rental needs.

Leasing Services

Leasing is an alternate way to finance your furniture needs for a longer period of time. Peartree Office Furniture has recently partnered with Lease One to offer you new ways to finance your furniture. Did you know that lease payments are operating expenses and therefore are 100% tax deductible in most businesses? Leasing preserves your existing lines of credit and working capital, and can improve your balance sheet by reducing long term debt. With flexible terms to suit your needs and no hassle, quick approvals this may be the way to update your furniture with little cash outlay.

Delivery & Installation Services

We offer delivery and installation of our products at times that are convenient to you. All of our products get touched up before leaving the warehouse; this attention to detail makes us different from other companies in the industry.

We go above and beyond!

We Buy Used Office Furniture!

Have something to sell? We are continually purchasing high quality used furniture. If you have items you would like us to consider, please email or fax us an inventory of what you have and we will make an appointment to come by to see it.

Reconfiguration Services

Office furniture requirements can change within a work space over time. Sometimes a reconfiguration of your existing furniture is just what you need. No matter where you originally purchased your furniture, we can help you redesign your space. Dennis is our in-house reconfiguration expert and will meet with you to listen to your new requirements, look at your existing office furniture and come up with a variety of solutions including re-using your existing furniture, selling inventory and buying additional items, or just starting with new and used pieces (currently called blending).. We are experts at every stage of the process: designing and maximizing your space, guiding you through the process and doing the actual physical work of tear down, moving, and rebuilding existing furniture to create your dream space. Our GIZA design program will help us design a workstation floor plan that is custom planned just for you and your unique space configurations. Call Dennis today to get your project started.


Marc and Richard: I want to contact you to sing the praises of the three young men you sent down here; I will tell you, they are fabulous ambassadors for your company.  Because these kinds of positions are out in the field, you may or may not always know how employees are perceived by others – you are lucky to have these guys. In six years, I have worked with A LOT of furniture installers and I will tell you (as I told them), if I could clone them, I’d be extremely happyJ  They were prompt, polite, knowledgeable, helpful AND personable (the last one is not always easy to find….). Our electrician was delayed to get to the Hamlin site today so he won’t connect the BPI to the panels until early tomorrow so I cannot 100% say until then that everything was perfect, but once he gives me the OK that all the power is functioning, we can call this project successfully completed. As under the gun as I was to find 20 matching cubes in the footprint and panel height that we needed and to work with an unknown company, I had some underlying levels of anxiety that all would work out well.  What a waste of energy….this was probably one of the best installs I’ve had in terms of the data/electric/furn vendors all working together to have things in place. And on one final note, my colleague here will be setting up a construction trailer in the next 6 – 9 weeks, I believe. He will need to furnish it with some pre-owned cubes/seating/tables and he just told me to check out your site once they get the $$funding approved. Who knows….we may work again together! Thank you so very much for your help on this project—it was such a pleasant experience!!
Cathy BoydDesigner/Space Planner/Café OperationsbioMérieuxDurham. NC

Our Dedicated Team

Our warehouse, delivery, and installation crew is the best in the business. We manage all our own installation projects with our own employees who are bonded, insured and covered by workers comp insurance. We consistently get positive feedback from our customers on how courteous and professional our staff is. For security, efficiency and safety reasons, we will NEVER send unknown manpower into your home or office. Our staff is comprised of trusted and talented individuals that amaze us everyday!

Marc Poirier
Marc Poirier Owner
Marc opened the doors to Peartree Office Furniture in 1994, when he had 25 years experience in the office furniture industry. He began his career at 15 years old when went to work for Offices Unlimited in Lowell helping with warehouse work, then sales and ultimately sales manager of retail outlets.
Ken Goodin
Ken Goodin Restoration & Warehouse Management
Ken joined the company in 1996 to manage our busy warehouse, pick-up/deliver furniture, install cubicles and manage teams of furniture installers. He is an expert at wood furniture preparation and restoration. Ken creates amazing transformations on all types of wood surfaces. Ken has been working in the industry since 1972.
Dennis Farr
Dennis Farr Sales & Operations
In 2001, Dennis brought his enthusiasm and energy to the mix. His background in operations, logistics and project management is a huge asset to Peartree. He helps customers design cubicle floor plans on GIZA, plan large and small office relocation and cubicle reconfigurations, oversee projects, and manage warehouse and company operation issues--always with a friendly, pleasant and professional demeanor.
Jose Warehouse, Installation, & Delivery
Jose became part of our warehouse and installation crew in 2005. His can-do attitude and quiet cheerful personality is a wonderful attribute. He is a qualified electrician and often helps troubleshoot systems furniture electric issues when they arise. Jose is fluent in English and Spanish.
John Warehouse, Installation, & Delivery
John started with us in 2006 and has become an integral part of our installation crew. He manages projects and often travels to remote job sites to troubleshoot and complete complex assignments. John is able to take apart and fix almost anything and as a result has become the MacIver of Peartree. He is always focused and continually amazes everyone with what he can accomplish in one day. His friendly and kind demeanor is often noted by our customers.
Fernando Warehouse, Installation, & Delivery
Fernando joined us in 2011 as an experienced systems furniture installer that started working in the office furniture business in 2000. His high-energy, vast knowledge and experience with all types of systems furniture has been a huge asset to Peartree. Fernando is fluent in English and Spanish.
Hamilton Warehouse, Installation, & Delivery
Hamilton is part of our delivery and installation crew and is always friendly and effusive, arriving to customer's offices with a giant smile, positive energy, and a can-do attitude. He has been a wonderful addition to our team. He is fluent in English and Spanish.
Ely Warehouse, Installation, & Delivery
Ely has been part of the Peartree warehouse, delivery and installation team since 2011. His constant, steady, friendly personality and drive to please customers is getting him rave reviews on the job site.