AIS Matrix™
Panel-Based System

For sophistication and functionality. For versatility. For a completely customizable, surprisingly cost-effective panel system that meets the wide-ranging demands of today’s office environments, choose Matrix. Tailor it to your needs, your tastes. Impress for less.

The AIS Matrix system provides unique design and high quality. With its varying configurations and long list of accessories, along with AIS’ impressive lead time, Matrix is an obvious choice.


Take a seat and experience a new dimension of collaboration and productivity. Matrix creates sophisticated, cost-efficient, and super-flexible work spaces that stack up and stand the test of time—in open plan areas, private offices, reception areas, conference rooms, and beyond.


Matrix’s stackable design lets you build the environment that’s just right for the people, place, need, and technology. And, with plenty of tile options to choose from—fabric acoustical, laminate, whiteboard, tool rail, embossed steel, perforated steel, painted steel, and glass—you can choose Matrix’s finish, then swap it out for another on a whim.


The workplace can’t afford to be a one-trick pony. It needs different places for different purposes. That’s why Matrix’s statement of line is remarkably broad. It fosters a high level of flow between departments—whether it’s buzzing and collaborative or it requires more peace and quiet.


With over a decade of proven performance, Matrix seamlessly coordinates with our Calibrate® Series, Day-to-Day™ Tables, L Series, and more. It also shares surfaces and finishes with Aloft® and Oxygen® Desking Systems. Coordinated beyond compare, Matrix sets a confident tone and empowers everyone’s best work.


Matrix isn’t your ordinary panel-based system. Not even close. Its modular foundation lets the system grow and evolve. Today’s workstation can be tomorrow’s private office. A setting for four can expand to accommodate ten. Matrix doesn’t just deal with change. It thrives on it.


The Matrix electrical system has ample capacity and substantial design flexibility. Matrix provides electrical and data cabling holes at every 8 inches of height, forming up to 10 laterally continuous raceway channels on an 82 inch high panel. Electrical and data may be run through the panel frames at every height and multiple powerways can be positioned from the bottom of the panel up to 114 inches in height, providing extensive cabling capacity and power access placement options. Power and data can be consolidated in a single power tile, offering up to 3 duplexes and 6 Data Jack Housings in a single location.
  • Powerways providing access to an 8 wire or 10 wire electrical system may be mounted at any height from base to beltline or above. Every 8 inch power access tile can accommodate two powerways stacked to allow access for up to four duplex outlets and/or data jack housings.
  • A true unimpeded “lay in” top cap channel accommodates up to 16 category 6 cables in addition to the internal raceways. Stack frames may be retrofit over lay in channel without removing existing cables. Matrix sets a new industry standard for electrical and data capacity, flexibility, and access.
  • Internal covered cable compartments can be ordered to separate secure data lines from non-secure lines.
  • Triple channel powerpoles can each accommodate multiple feeds and dozens of data cables.
  • Matrix access tiles have a universal data housing interface and can accommodate any manufacturers’ data device housings, including Hubbell™, Ortronics™, Amp™, Leviton™, and others.


Matrix serves a world of purposes, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at some of our favorite configurations. Then go dream up one of your own.