AIS Devens™

Simple when it counts. Sophisticated where it matters.  Strong 24/7.


Stylish design. Personalized comfort and fit. Intuitive engineering. Smart economics. And the AIS quality that ensures 24/7 use for your teams. Devens brings it all to the table.

Devens puts outstanding ergonomic performance within workers’ reach by making the controls intuitive and easy to access. After all, ergonomic features help only when they can be understood and actually used. Robust construction, including smart features such as arm caps that resist impact and abrasion, proves that Devens will feel and look great for years to come.

With a choice of task, stool or side chair, Devens can be configured to be used anywhere—from the reception desk to the open plan to the private offices—with remarkable ease and quality to support three shifts.


Providing solutions to support a variety of seating activities throughout the day.

AIS Devens™AIS Devens™

Stacking Side Chair

Weight 23 lbs
Width 22.5”
Depth 22.7”
Height 32.55”
Seat Width 17.1”
Width Between Armrests 19.1”
Seat Depth 18.31”
Seat Height 17.3”
Arm Height 8.75”
Lumbar Apex 8.5”
AIS Devens™AIS Devens™

Task Chair

Weight 35 lbs
Width 27″
Depth 26″
Height 37 – 41.75″
Seat Width 19″
Seat Depth 16.75 – 18.75″
Seat Height 16.75 – 21.5″
Arm Height 6.75 – 10.5″
Lumbar Apex 8 – 10″
AIS Devens™AIS Devens™

Stool / Lab

Weight 35 lbs
Width 27″
Depth 26″
Height 47.34 – 54.549”
Seat Width 19″
Seat Depth 16.75 – 18.75″
Seat Height 24.02 – 31.3″
Arm Height 6.75 – 10.5″
Lumbar Apex 8 – 10″


Ideal for focused tasks, leaning in to collaborate or a quick touch down, Devens easily conforms to each user. Back tension adjusts automatically in response to weight and movement. The back, seat, height and arms all adapt with a touch.

The result? Effortless comfort with fitting support and reduced fatigue throughout the day.

Whatever the task at hand, Devens makes it easy to say yes to it all—with comfort and affordability in an eye-catching design.


The 24/7 Devens chair offers users an intuitive task seating experience with universal style blended with unmatched AIS quality. Combining the latest in comfort and technology, Devens offers easy to use features and a weight-activated mechanism so users can quickly focus without compromising comfort or quality – around the clock.


  • Grey or black base and frame
  • Optional polished aluminum base
  • Mesh backs in grey, black or graphite
  • Weight-activated synchro-tilt mechanism(automatic tension) with multi-position back-lock
  • Armless or 4-D arms in black or grey to match the frame color; 4-D arms rotate and adjust in height, from side to side and from front to back
  • Rated for 24/7 use
  • Tested to 300 lbs.
  • 4.75” pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • 2” seat depth adjustment
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Black or two-tone grey casters
  • Fully upholstered seat


  • Standard and Express models offered in black or grey seat upholstery
  • Polished aluminum cantilevered frame
  • Two mesh back colors: grey mesh with grey seat, black mesh with black seat
  • Stacks four high on the floor
  • Tested to 300 lbs

AIS Devens™Weight-balanced synchro-tilt mechanism with multi-position back-lock (automatic tension)

Lock the back into place with easy-to-reach levers. Back tension adjusts automatically when the user reclines.

AIS Devens™Comfortable molded seat cushion and back design

Shaped to conform to the individual, Devens naturally provides an exceptional seat as well as lower, middle and upper-back support to help prevent fatigue.

AIS Devens™ 4-D arm height, width, depth and rotational adjustment

Natick’s sliding seat pan offers 3″ of adjustment.

AIS Devens™Body-conforming, height-adjustable lumbar support

Easily adjustable to each user’s body, Devens supports the lower back for a full day’s work.

AIS Devens™Seat height and depth accommodate a variety of body types

With 4.75″ of seat height adjustment, plus 2″ of adjustable seat depth and more, Devens can comfortably accommodate approximately 95 percent of a diverse workplace population.

AIS Devens™Stacked Sides

Cantilevered frame allows for Devens Side to be stacked four high on the floor.

AIS Devens™

Pivot Adjustment

AIS Devens™

Front-to-Back Adjustment
(Arm Depth)

AIS Devens™

Side-to-Side Adjustment
(Arm Width)

AIS Devens™

Height Adjustment
(Arm Height)