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  • Pre-Owned

    Coalesse SW_1 Conference Chairs

    $69970% OFF MSRP
  • Pre-Owned

    Coalesse SW_1 Lounge Swivel Chairs

    $89976% OFF MSRP
  • Pre-Owned18 Available

    Haworth Very Guest Chairs

    $19978% OFF MSRP18 Available
  • Pre-Owned

    Haworth X99 Advanced Seminar Chairs

    $29982% OFF MSRP
  • Pre-Owned12 Available

    Knoll Remix Leather Chairs

    $44972% OFF MSRP12 Available
  • Pre-Owned96 Available

    Knoll ReGeneration Task Chairs

    $34955% OFF MSRP96 Available
  • Pre-Owned18 Available

    Dauphin Riola Conference Chairs

    $19987% OFF MSRP18 Available
  • Pre-Owned7 Available

    Davis Webb Lounge Chairs with Tablets

    $39989% OFF MSRP7 Available
  • Pre-Owned2 Available

    Florence Knoll™ 48″ Marble Round Tables

    $4,89940% OFF MSRP2 Available
  • Pre-Owned1 Available

    Florence Knoll™ 78″ Marble Table Desk / Conference Table

    $8,79925% OFF MSRP1 Available
  • Pre-Owned18 Available

    Knoll Brno Flat Bar Chairs

    $99971% OFF MSRP18 Available
  • Pre-Owned3 Available

    Allermuir Open A640 Swivel Chairs

    $49984% OFF MSRP3 Available